Friday, 22 February 2013

More than a degree, more than a trip!

The "REAL" Jamaica
Tubing on the river
Bridge over troubled waters??? lol
Professor Brown, Professor Piper, and I embarked on our journey of culture, knowledge, and nature, in true ecotourist fashion. We left the beauty of Green Castle Estates behind us and set our sights on the Jamaica few know about. We winded through the streets, through the hustle and bustle of the everyday lives of the Jamaicans, offered fruits at our car windows, and had a few laughs on the way. Our first stop in Trelawney was at a Jamaican cultural museum, a gorgeous property full of vibrant colours and with an even more vibrant culture for tourists to experience. We had a very in depth interview with management and heard all the glorious stories of how the establishment is trying to stay sustainable
in a culture used to " throwing" ( littering), a commendable feat! From there we traveled to my favourite Jamaican 
spot....Juicy Patti! Were we had beef pattis that truly melted 
in your mouth. I tried a Jamaican cake named "Bulla" that 
was delicious. We then traveled to a fantastic spot on a river with gentle rapids that tourists can tube down, raft, 
kayak, or boogie bored. There was a spot down 
the river where tourists could stop and swing in 
the river by rope. After the raft trip there was a 
great spot on the beach where tourist could grab 
some food, drinks and souvenirs. On my journey 
at the river I ran into two Jamaican friends I had 
met last year on my trip here who greeted me with open arms, it was like I had never left. 
Jamaica has truly become my second home, as 
Professor Piper says. I will be sure to see them again on my trip back in a few months. Both 
places showed the three of us that being "green" 
and being sustainable is very possible and can be 
profitable, it showed me that we can use nature in business without destroying it, and if we are lucky and work hard enough can even improve it. It felt good to know that the business students CAN help 
and make a difference in the world, we can make an impact on the environment, just not with our 
footprints. I feel this message is lost in the classroom, business students can make a difference, just 
like nurses, just like teachers, but we have our own way, we just have to go out there and find it, 
Jamaica is that place for me. I would strongly recommend any student to come experience this 
feeling. Anyways I digress, after the interview at the river we headed back to Green 
Castle Estates, where we reflected on the amazing day we had, had a few more laughs and examined 
the majestic scenery back up into the hills.

Property at cultural museum
One Love Mon

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