Thursday, 21 February 2013

More than a degree!

Moose song
      We have always been told that at Nipissing you earn more then a degree and today was one of the great examples of how this is true. Not only are we taking part in this amazing experience to travel to Jamaica and work with a local business but today we had the opportunity of teaching the local elementary school students all about Canada and the projects we are working on while visiting Jamaica.
     We shared with them some pictures of Nipissing and the cold winter weather we left behind only a week ago. They were very surprised that on any given day back in Canada the past week it has been -20 where here in Jamaica it has been around 30 and this is their cold. I put together a small power point presentation to show some pictures of things like a map of Canada, a moose and some other things that represent Canada. We sang the classic repeat after me camp song "There was a great big moose.." that all of the students loved.
John playing the the kids
     Some of the older students shared with us some of the ways they are conserving energy and making sure they are eco friendly. Some of the things they do on a daily basis include turning off the light when you leave a room, not throwing litter on the ground, recycling and many other day to day ways to conserve. Through my observations while here in Jamaica, I think they are already doing a great job of conserving and making the best of the materials they already have.

The students were so happy to see us and hear our stories but I don't think they realize how happy we were to hear about them as well. It was an amazing opportunity for all of the students and a highlight of my trip.


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